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Past Updates



        * June 15, 2001:  I am out of pictures to add to this page!  Therefore, there will be no updates until after June 30 (when I plan to take a bunch of "now" pictures) unless you send me your stories and pictures!  There is plenty of room on this page for more stories and pictures.  I am still trying to identify everyone in the pictures.  If you know who anyone is in a picture, and I don't have it listed, please email me and let me know.  Otherwise, please send me some new stories to add!  J 
* June 6, 2001:  Added new and/or clearer pictures to Barbee Nightlife, Cottages for Rent, Local Characters, Barbee Lakes Area and Swimming in the Lake.  Added a fun picture to Famous Visitors.
* June 5, 2001
:  Thank you everybody for all of the good things you have said about this site!  J  My goal is to identify all of the people in the pictures on this site.  Since many of the pictures were found loose in boxes and bags, I don't always know who the people in them are.  If you recognize any people in the pictures that I don't already have identified, let me know so that I can identify them in the caption.  I added some new pictures to Fabulous Snack Shack and moved some pictures to Swimming in the Lake
* May 31, 2001: Many of the pictures on this page are scans of copies.  I have obtained some of the original pictures, and I am re-scanning many of them so that they will look better.  I have added some new (and/or clearer) pictures to the Swimming in the Lake, Barbee Lakes Area, Back Bedroom, Boating: Past and Present, Lake Cottage, Snack Shack, and Fabulous Snack Shack sections. 
* May 29, 2001:  Added the guestbook (see below) and the Research Paper. Added a link about Native American tribes to More Information.
* May 23, 2001:  Split old Famous Visitors section into Barbee Nightlife and Famous Visitors.  Added pictures to Local Characters, Pop Culture, and Ghostly Visitors.

The other past updates were eaten by my computer.  Sorry!

Tumble Inn Home

Sunday, June 24, 2001