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Lake Cottage



One of our lake cottages is the Tumble Inn.  Feel free to visit us in our comfortable summer home.

We're one big happy family here at the Tumble Inn!
(Pictured here are Ruth Herron, Maimie Fritz, Bob Walburn, Lacy Walburn, and Rex Walburn.) 

 We're even friendly to our "guests with feathers."  
(Rex Walburn is "feeding the chickens.")


We enjoy fishin,' just like everybody else here.

So grab your fishin' pole and join us.
(Betty Walburn is pictured here).


Why don't you give us a visit?  A friendly staff member will be happy to meet you at the door!
(On the left is baby P.V. and on the right are Betty and John Walburn with "Baby Catherine.")

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Tumble Inn Home

Sunday, June 24, 2001