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Jennifer Sheridan

November 19, 1999

The Tumble Inn

The Tumble Inn is the name of a lake cottage on Barbee Lake near North Webster, Indiana. It was built by Vernon Walburn in approximately 1917 and has stayed in the family ever since. Today, Vernon’s youngest daughter, Betty Sheridan, owns the cottage.

There are several stories about the cottage and the Barbee Lakes area. Storytellers are Betty Sheridan, her husband, Bob Sheridan; her sister-in-law, Norma Walburn; her sons P.V. and Danny Sheridan; her daughters Mary and Andy Kuzma; her son-in-law Pete Kuzma; and her daughters-in-law, Meng and Gena Sheridan. Also telling stories are Betty’s grandchildren Sara Alberson; Donnie, J.R., and Bethany Kuzma; and Molly, Ryan, and Jennifer Sheridan.

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